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Dr. Michael Alsouss, DDS, Founder of Glacial Dental

Dr. Michael Alsouss, DDS, Biography

Dr. Michael Alsouss came to the United States with a dream and that was to one day be a dentist and be the owner of his dental practice. Working three jobs through dental school, Dr. Alsouss completed his doctorate at Case Western. Dr. Alsouss, then, began a journey familiar to all dentists of starting his practice. Those first few years were wrought with challenges as he learned the business side of owning a dental practice. There were up and down days but at the end a system started to form for his practice.

Over the years, dentistry has changed. More innovation, better oral healthcare equipment, an increased amount of patient resources all has benefited the patient. A trend that is also changing dentistry that concerns Dr. Alsouss is consolidation of dental practices. For a variety of reasons, dentist are selling their practices to DSO’s. Whether it is the desire to not manage the business side of the practice, a desire to get paid for the equity they have already built, a fear of a long-term exit strategy or any other reasons, this consolidation is disturbing.  

To assist dentists that have the desire to own their practice and make their own decisions, grow an investment grade practice, that is patient-centric, and continue to serve the patients in their community, Dr. Alsouss has developed a turnkey operational and marketing system under the brand name of Glacial Dental.  

Learning from twenty-five years of experience a dentist can “shortcut” their learning curve and implement the system and still have full ownership of their practice while developing their business skills for their practice. In a franchise system, a dentist has a team that they can rely on to guide the practice through marketing, training, patient acquisition and patient retention, hiring and retaining staff, business and financial consulting, innovation and more while retaining 100% ownership of their practice.

The heart of Dr. Alsouss is serve every patient with the best dental care and patient experience, to help dentists become better practitioners and practice owners so that the independence of the clinical work can be controlled by the dentist and not by an outside group of individuals. The system is a turnkey operational, financial and clinical system to help all dentists improve efficiencies, increase profitability and build a financial asset that grows in value over time all while being leading-edge in dentistry and maintaining a patient loyalty rate that is 2X the national average.

Today, Dr. Michael Alsouss, DDS, has brought this entire proven way of running a dental office to the Glacial Dental network.

"I am really satisfied with my teeth. We have no regrets! I am so pleased with the Glacial Dental team."

- Rosy L.

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