Same Day Appointments

Nobody plans for a cavity, get a same day appointment today! At Glacial Dental every smile matters and we take pride in caring for you as a whole person.

About Our Dental Care

Same-day Dental Appointments for Cavities and Other Issues

Nobody plans to get a painful cavity, root canal, to chip a tooth or damage a dental crown. We're trying our hardest to prevent it, but unfortunately these things can happen - and when they do they can be pretty unpleasant. That's why all of our locations offer same day appointments for Patients who need help!

  • Cavities and Tooth Aches
  • Root Canal and Acute Gum Disease
  • Infection and Swelling of the Gums
  • Chipped Teeth and Broken Crowns

If you are in pain, that is your bodies way of telling you that there's a problem! Get an appointment today!

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