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Broadview Dental Group is Now Glacial Dental

Broadview Dental Group is now rebranding as Glacial Dental, reflecting the continued growth and success of the practice. Same dentist, same ownership, new brand.

The new brand is a fresh and exciting change, signaling a new chapter in the history of the practice. Despite the change in name, the same experienced and knowledgeable team, including Dr. Michael Alsouss, DDS, and Dr. Alisha Thompson, DMD, will continue to provide top-notch dental care to patients in the Cleveland area.

The rebranding to Glacial Dental reflects the success and growth of the practice, and its commitment to providing top-quality dental care. With a new name and fresh brand, the practice is poised for even greater success, as it continues to expand its reach and services to the Cleveland community. The team at Glacial Dental remains dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care, utilizing the latest technology and techniques to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment.

In addition to the rebranding, Glacial Dental is now being franchised nationally, reflecting its continued growth and success. This exciting development will allow patients from across the country to experience the same high-quality dental care that the practice has become known for in the Cleveland area. With a team of experienced and skilled dental professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to patient comfort, Glacial Dental is well positioned to continue to grow and expand its reach, delivering top-notch dental care to patients everywhere.

"I was never proud of my smile, and I used to always hide my teeth in pictures. That all changed when I started going to Glacial Dental!"

- Rosy L.

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